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Learn how to manage your site yourself it's easy!


For each webdesign I offer 1 hour of coaching to learn the basics of the program. I propose to do it by skype because you are in your usual environment and in front of your computer. No need to panic - it's really simple, everybody can do this!

If your website was not created by me (which is no problem), and you need help with the program WIX, I can help you. For this service I charge CHF 50.00 / h

  • I create your Facebook profile

  • Together we will analyze what you need

  • You give me the name and logo you want

  • I create the required pictures for you in the right format

  • Then you become administrator of your profile and off you go

For creating your Facebook profile I charge 60€ to 100 €

  • Facebook - Weiß, Kreis,
  • Instagram - Weiß Kreis

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