conny leila gunz

"I tried to be normal once,
the worst 5min of my life"

I grew up in switzerland. Even as a child, creativity gushed out of me and allowed me to express myself artistically. I am a qualified optician, then I became a photographer and today I am a graphic designer, therapist and in the organisation of a health and consciousness fair.

What started with photography developed more and more to graphic design and became quickly a important mainstay of my business.

One day a client asked me if I was aware that, the logo I had created for him had a strong healing power on the Bovis scale. It was a real revelation for me and I understood then that I could offer much more than I had ever imagined by creating your logos.

Whether as a graphic designer or therapist, when I work on a project or give a therapy session, I connect with the energy of the person. Each project has its own unique vibration.

The right image gives the right frequency!



Avez-vous déjà imaginé qu’un logo puisse être générateur d’énergie et d’argent pour votre entreprise ?Have you ever imagined that a logo could generate energy and money for your company?


Your logo will turn out to be their best ally. Present on your website, car, business card or other advertisement, it will highlight your project. It represents the energy you put into your activity. It is important that your logo matches your vibration. Could a logo create much more than you ever imagined?

My job is to feel your universe and understand your needs in order to create the graphic or website that is perfectly connected to your being. It is this energy that your clients will perceive, consciously or unconsciously. 

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